Mothercraft Nurses

Mothercraft Nurses have special qualifications – and always more than 5 years experience working with newborns, babies and toddlers. They may be:

  • Mothercraft trained
  • Registered nurses with Tresillian or Karitane qualifications
  • Maternity nurses
  • Post Natal Bay Care qualified
  • Sleep training consultants


Mothercraft Nurses help smooth the transition between hospital & home.

They are skilled in all aspects of baby care, especially

  • assisting parents to gain confidence in the care of newborn babies, twin and triplets
  • providing advice on lactation, weaning, bathing, settling, feeding and establishing routines
  • providing post-natal care of mother and baby

Their knowledge and experience are particularly helpful when you need:

  • babysitting for babies under 6 months of age
  • guidance with nutrition, milestones & development
  • support with toddler development – advice on sleep & settling problems
  • overnight care of a baby so you can get a good night’s sleep

Mothercraft Nurses can attend for a one-off visit or an extended period.


Night Nannies – when you need a good night’s sleep

A Night Nanny will arrive in the evening then remain awake and on duty until morning. They will bath and settle your baby –  feed and change nappies as required.  Breast feeding mothers can either express or the Night Nanny will bring to you.

A Night Nanny is usually on duty for 8-10 hours.


Babysitting for Babies

Our Mothercraft Nurses will babysit for babies under 6 months.  You can confidently leave your baby for an evening’s outing or social event safe in the knowledge that they will be well cared for by experts.  Minimum 4 hours.

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