Executive housekeeping for running large houses

Executive Housekeepers & House Managers (full-time – live in or live out)

Executive Housekeepers maintain a high standard of housekeeping including; light household duties, household accounts, shopping, florist orders, errands, general household maintenance, liaison with tradesmen for repairs and maintenance.

As well your Executive Housekeeper will hire, train and supervise other staff such as housekeeper, cleaner, gardener etc.

Live-in Housekeepers and Live-in Couples

Similar to the above, but living in. All expenses, meals and accommodation included in salary. Usually provided with separate accommodation including bedroom, living, kitchen and bath. Usually work 8-10 hours daily and are entitled to two consecutive days off in any seven-day period.

Estate Managers

Estate managers are responsible for running large households and grounds including management of gardening and other staff and contractors and ensuring your house is maintained to a high standard. Often they are responsible for budgets, payment of staff wages, expenses, hiring and training staff, scheduling regular maintenance of household equipment and vehicles, project management for improvements and purchases.


(usually full-time – live in or live out)

Butlers are responsible for smooth running of your household, household accounts, liaison with tradespeople for repairs and maintenance. Often they supervise other household staff. Some may carry a fire arms license and assume a role in security.


Chefs are responsible for menu planning, food preparation, cooking and supervising other kitchen staff.

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